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Introducing an exclusive series of original artworks.


In clear light that saturate Odilia Iaccarino's studio, shapes and colors seem to bound one artwork to another. The Meninas are her latest work where the process requires an array of mediums.

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Story of An Artist

Why make a collection of works about the Meninas (Las Meninas) painting of the Spanish painter Diego Velasquez (1656)?

 On a trip to Madrid, I was captivated by the enormous life size Menina sculptures that adorned the city, and by the importance of their contribution to the culture of the Spanish people.  In my journey to achieve a version of Las Meninas , I created a silhouette of the modern Menina figure and added colorful paint and textures into the canvas; this process brought back emotions felt the day passing through the streets of Madrid. My works are an investigation into representations of (seemingly) concrete ages and situations as well as depictions and ideas that can only be realized in painting. For me, the challenge lies in exploring a balance of elements on the canvas, using primarily oil, pastels, acrylic and graphite. The suggestive form also embarks organic elements which brings a tridimensional depth to the works. By applying abstraction, I use references and ideas that are integrated into the composition of my work. 

My vision for the Meninas series is to inspire young people to grow and expand beyond their current mindsets.

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